Sherry Meltzer -
Non-Denominational Minister

Having been brought up in a home of religious opposites, Catholicism and Judaism, I realized at a young age that no one way is the “right” way. As I matured and my familiarity grew with other religions, it became obvious that the basis of humanity or the foundations of all major religions, has similar roots. We are all one, connected despite our unique individuality. I became an ADL non-denominational minister in 1997 and support the goodness in all mankind.

“The most important day of my life was brought together so perfectly because of Rev. Sherry Meltzer. She was genuine and humorous, which made it even better. My husband and I were nervous, but she brought such a calming feeling to us. Im so grateful to Sherry, the day wouldn’t be the same if it would have been anyone else had been officiating. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.”

Love Precious and Richie Wiese

“My husband to be and I were from different religious backgrounds and his only request was to not let his beer get warm. She succeeded! Sherry’s personal touch of getting to know guests beforehand made it more intimate and personal than you can imagine. She not only made everybody who attended the beach side wedding comfortable but added lots of smiles, tears and laughter!”

Frances Gail Nadler-Chiarella
Tommy says ditto, the beer was ice cold

Last night’s service was without a doubt the best I have ever witnessed.
You were perfect! It was perfect!
Thank you for being used in turning a very difficult time into JOY! Thank you for knowing my sister so well and sharing her with all those present and watching. I am still smiling through the tears and had to let you know. ❤️

Patti’s brother, Louie

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